13 Months Ago I Joined a Yoga Collective Lead by a Yogacharya: Here’s How This Transformed My Life

Heather Larson
2 min readJan 18, 2022


A yoga what?

A yogicharya is an ordained teacher of yoga. What this means is my teacher, Eric Walrabenstein, trained at a zen center in order to teach the rest of us how to find inner peace.

Spoiler alert 🚨 I haven’t quite found inner peace like one finds that gallon of milk they need at Walmart. But I have increased my ability to access such a place.

I Credit Eric with Teaching Me:

  • “Anxiety isn’t a problem, it’s a symptom.”
  • The goal is to be free within but not to escape.
  • Your emotions aren’t you. (They have little to do with you).
  • Emotions aren’t the problem; they’re a necessary part of it.
  • “If it comes and it goes, it’s not you.”
  • “Happiness” and “inner peace” are merely the absence of disturbances.
  • The reason yoga and meditation make you feel better is that they interrupt your habits (like judgment, self-criticism, and distraction) you use to manufacture misery.
  • Peace is already present; it’s just obstructed by your habits.
  • Even effort becomes a problem eventually because it becomes a habit.
  • You can’t throw yoga and meditation at it and expect it to get better. (You need to utilize the right tool for the right goal).
  • “There are hundreds of proven yoga tools.”

Which of The Above Resonate with You The Most?

After these first 13 months of practice, I experienced a decrease in anxiety, a change in mindset, and more fulfillment. I changed careers, gained self-awareness, and deepened my yoga practice. Turns out, becoming aware of one’s patterns and releasing judgment of them changes things!

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