21 Lessons From 2021 To Take Into 2022

Heather Larson
9 min readDec 27, 2021

There’s something in here for everyone. But if you’re a millennial or Get Z, let me give you a hand with all the stuff I learned the hard way this year! Here’s how to pick the right people, situations, and not waste your time in 2022!

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1. Friends are everything — make sure you have the right ones.

We outgrow some people completely and merely grow away from others. It’s all OK. The idea is to create the best, most fun, and most supportive circle possible!

2. Share your goals with your inner circle.

Open up to your dearest friends and they will see the vulnerability, call you out when you stray off the path, and even give you a hand. Don’t be that secretive person who plays too close to the vest with everyone — that’s just insecurity.

Create an inner circle worthy of sharing your goals with because they have their own and hold themselves accountable. Those are the kind of people who will also hold YOU accountable for YOUR goals.

3. No one cares.

I mean this about your creative endeavors. The sooner you realize that no one cares what you’re doing, the more powerful you can be in your daily life. Often people are watching, and they DO care — but they rarely tell you.

They may notice, but they don’t care like you think they do. They certainly don’t care in such a way that should lead you to hold yourself back or censor your creative endeavors in any way. Go shine.

4. We need to push ourselves because we get lost in the day-to-day minutiae.

We need to aim higher by zooming out. For example, if I don’t write down my goals and keep track of them regularly, I run the risk of not shooting high enough. Sometimes I don’t make my goals SMART of COMET enough.

When I write them down and review them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, I can see patterns. I can see where I am backsliding. I can see where I lack progress. I can also see where I crush too many goals in a short time. That usually doesn’t mean “I’m a badass!” Often, that means I didn’t challenge myself enough.

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