Everyone knows meditation is a life changer.

Here’s one reason why you should meditate:

  • Reason #1: It helps you come home to yourself.

You can read all the personal development books on the planet, but nothing will replace taking the action of meditating. This is the space where you learn to watch your thoughts.

Which leads to watching your actions.

All of these are forms of yoga’s svadhyaya, or self-study, which help bring you inward. This helps bring you home to who you are and what is making you tick.

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I’ve lived in Kansas for 11 years and I’ve never seen long voting lines in August ever before.

One friend said it took her 40 minutes. The news reports some have waited more than an hour to vote. My line was short at around 15 minutes.

By contrast?

The last time I voted in an August primary, there was myself and one other lady voting. I walked out into the parking lot afterward and a man asked me what we were doing.

There’s an election? What were you even voting on?

You’d never know of our normal voter apathy today in Kansas. It seems a vote on a constitutional amendment to ban abortion has brought everyone out on this 102-degree day.

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New month 🗓 new goals, right?


New month, same old stuff.

Achieving goals is boring.

It’s just consistency.

It’s showing up each day.

It’s me just trying to beat my previous record.

I still want the same stuff I did last month.

Maybe I’m closer.

There’s just no burning bush moment 🔥

I think this is where a lot of people fail.

We expect excitement or even a cheering section.

But no one notices or cares.

It’s just you. Doing your thing. Day in, day out.

The more “boring” the better! 💫

Keep at it.

This is your sign to keep at it.

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Heather Larson

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