A Simple Self-Reiki Checklist

Heather Larson
5 min readJan 5, 2022

It’s my goal to take away all the barriers to your self-Reiki practice, starting with this post and a simple checklist. You don’t need anything to do self-Reiki. So short list, right? This is exactly my point!

I think often we believe we need this or that in order to “do” Reiki when Reiki is really about letting go of the need to DO and just BE. You do need a few basics — only if you want or require them.

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This is truly a list of “nice to haves” for when you want to practice self-Reiki:

1. A quiet place (not mandatory)

2. A place to sit because you at least want to be still to engage in self-Reiki

3. Water to drink (because most people find Reiki makes them thirsty)

4. Reiki music (or any gentle music that you believe helps you relax)

In Reiki and in life, it’s best to keep things simple and minimal.

Many get caught up in the spiritual materialism of Reiki and yoga. You don’t need 12 candles, 25 crystals, incense burning, etc., in order to do a self-Reiki session. It doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out session — unless you feel so moved to do so.

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