Don’t Plan 90 Days of Content Ideas Ahead of Time — Here’s Why

Heather Larson
2 min readApr 21, 2022

I know it’s a delicious idea to whip out a spreadsheet or Notion and come up with some kind of editorial calendar for a 90-day content journey.

But here’s why that’s not the best way to go.

Shipping Daily Isn’t 100% About Having It All Planned Out

You can try…but…that takes away from the process.

Some background: I’ve shipped for 140 days straight now, since 12/1/21 (this essay will mark the 141st day in a row I’ve published online. I decided I’d write daily online for 90 days and christened it the #ContentStorm on Twitter (go search the hashtag!)

I wrote my ass off those first 30 days with really long pieces on Medium, Patreon, Substack, and my blog.

After The First 30 Days, You’ll Get a Clearer Idea Of What Isn’t Working

So you can kill yourself trying to plan ahead and find perfection by mapping out 90 days of ideas before you begin…

…Or you can leave space to pivot as you iterate and look at the feedback you get.

You shouldn’t have your next 90 days of content totally figured out. Fly by the seat of your pants and make changes in your direction as you go by evaluating your analytics.

This is data-driven writing, the kind taught in #Ship30for30.

Spoiler Alert: You May Not Know What’s Working Until Day 90!

I didn’t figure out my niche until after day #115! I wouldn’t have gotten there without the process of the previous 100+ days either.

When you plan all your content ahead, you rob yourself of the process.

The process is where you find the answers and your niche.

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