Ever Have A Day Where You Truly Get In Touch With What You Were Missing This Whole Time?

Heather Larson
2 min readApr 13, 2022


I had two a-ha moments today.

As usual, they were born from some difficulties.

I Truly Realized I’m In Charge of My Schedule Today

I’ve been working from home for nearly a year and I had to change careers to do it.

It was so worth it. Today, I had back-to-back doctor’s appointments. I took off the whole afternoon to do it and I didn’t need to submit a form or “cover a shift” in order to do it.

I just did it.

Then my car battery started to die and I made an appointment to get that fixed, too. Because I can. Because I built my life in this way…

And it took me nearly a year to realize it.

Then I Did A Series Of Lucky Things

Long story short, I didn’t know the name of my dental insurer so I threw a dart with a very sore wisdom tooth and that’s how I picked out my new dentist.

Didn’t even know his name. And why bother? My trust in all medical fields is at an all-time low, which is another story for another time.

The story for today is this: I picked out the best damn dentist possible. Someone who sat me down all afternoon and explained more to me than probably anyone with “doctor” in their name ever had.

I left educated.

These Were Two Things I’d Been Missing My Whole Life!

I didn’t realize how amazing remote work is or how it could change my life. You don’t know how much corporate America sucks you dry until…you’re dry.

I also didn’t realize I could receive proper dental care from someone who actually cared and didn’t just look at me as someone financing their next golf trip or daughter’s wedding.

May you also find what you deserve and don’t give up until you do.

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