From Atomic Essays and Threads to Podcasts: How to Repurpose Your Writing

Heather Larson
2 min readApr 25, 2022


I started the Fearless 5 Podcast in 2019 using only the Anchor app on my cell phone.

Originally, I’d wing it and just record whatever life coaching topic came to mind. Looking back, I can’t believe I did it that way! Those podcasts were too long and unfocused (not to mention the audio was poor).

Here’s how I do it now 👇

Write Every Day on Typeshare

Just throw out an idea daily on Typeshare in an atomic essay or thread and then wait to see what analytics tell you.

At the end of each week, I pull 5 top-performing ideas and turn them into podcasts for the next week. My format is 5 podcasts a week, 5 fearless minutes per day — hence the name, Fearless 5.

This helps me further explore the 5 best ideas in depth! Much better than winging it!

How I Record & Edit The Podcast Now

I worked in radio, so being on the mic and editing audio are two of my best skills.

But this year, it was time to grow beyond audio and start getting uncomfortable on video. I use the Photo Booth app on my Macbook to record the video and hook up my Blue microphone for audio. Then I edit in Adobe Premiere.

Premiere exports both audio and video files, so it’s the only editing app I need now.

More Ideas To Repurpose Your Writing

Each podcast can be embedded into a blog post alongside a JPEG of the original atomic essay (or I can embed the first tweet of a Twitter thread).

I can also record 90-second audio versions for Racket.

TikTok is also a no-brainer!

Every time you repurpose the idea, you get to see it in a new light and give it a chance to reach a new audience.

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