How I Found My Niche Through Ship 30 And What’s Next For This Content Creator

Heather Larson
2 min readMar 31, 2022

Daily shipping accelerated my ability to be able to find my niche, so what is it?

I’m creating content that serves specifically as personal development for content creators! I have been for a long time! I was simply out of touch with it!

The problem was, I was fragmented and unfocused so I missed it!

So What’s Next: Testing This Out

I approach everything in life & work as an experiment.

I put in work for a period of time, pause, look back, and evaluate. I’ve done this in the past year to figure out what best lowered my blood pressure, helped me lose weight, and even which software works best for me.

Next, I’ll test this niche of personal development for content creators during the next 30–90 days or so.

How To Test This Out

My last 120 days of shipping showed me what worked for me online.

That helped so much by leading me to the platforms and cadence that I know will work best. Now, I’ll present my niche across my Ghost site, Twitter, and TikTok. I’m throwing YouTube in for good measure; it’s just harder to grow fast on there compared to TikTok.

Now I know where to put the content & what the niche is.

I didn’t hit this intersection until after 115 consecutive days of shipping!

The rewards go to those who don’t give up.

In truth, I’ve been side hustling since 2014. By 2016, I’d enrolled in a coaching certification course and began my pursuit of content creation and strategy — simply because I was too poor to afford advertising for my future coaching business!

Humble beginnings paired with consistency are the best fuel for a passion.

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