How to become the architect of your own destiny.

Heather Larson
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How to become the architect of your own destiny.

I’m a certified coach & former sober coach so I don’t take B.S. and I know all the “love & light” in the world won’t get you there.

Creating content? Side hustling? LFG! 🧵👇

Work hard while respecting time & energy:

• Limit your TV viewing, cut the subscriptions

• Reduce distractions by turning off notifications.

• Don’t waste your time on low-end tasks (errand running)

Switch your mindset from consumption to creation.

• The more you sit on your ass watching cheap reality TV, the more you’re a consumer — not a creator.

• Create daily.

• Find like minds who would also rather create than consume.


The more time you spend as a consumer, the more you’re cheating on your art.

Self-care is mandatory.

This is more than just “hydration & movement.”

Self-care is boring. It’s adulting. It’s exercise, play, massages, dental care, balancing your finances, and holding boundaries.

It’s 1,000 different things. But always necessary!

Know this one thing with all your heart and soul.


You may receive help along the way, but the hardest parts of the walk in this life are dark & lonely.

The second thing to know?

No one owes you a damn thing.

You’re probably going to learn a bunch of stuff the hard way. And so it goes.

That thing you want is going to take longer and be a lot harder than you think it’s going to be.

But this doesn’t mean you get to give up on it!

Become mentally tough. Work through it.

When it gets hard, you’ll need to do a few things:

• Accept it

• Take a deep breath

• Have a friend who listens to you vent

• Have a tool box of coping skills that aren’t drugs & booze

When you get good at this? You don’t vent anymore. You just pick up & keep going.

About that toolkit — you’ll need different tools for different issues.

Mine looks different from yours, no doubt. But here it is:

• Yoga

• Meditation

• Therapy

• Pampering


• Massage

• Reiki

This is how I’ve been sober since 7/1/13. No AA, No B.S.

Don’t make excuses.

For yourself -AND- others.

Don’t accept excuses, either.

Your circle matters. You have to run with friends who are on the same road as you.

Not everyone is going to be there when you cross the finish line…most of them passed out at the first water station.

Your boundaries have to be bigger and stronger than people who work 40-hour weeks for biweekly paychecks and retirement funds.

• Don’t let your friends + family call you all day.

• Don’t answer the group text.

• Have solid working hours & protect them with your life.

Wasting the day dicking around on your phone is what corporate cubicle workers do.

That’s not what solopreneurs do.


• Respect time/energy

• Create > consume

• Self-care = mandatory

• No one will save you

• No one owes you

• It will take longer & cost more

• It’ll be HARD

• NO excuses

• Have the fiercest boundaries

• Wasting time is for corporate

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