How To Handle A Crappy Day Without Complaining, Drinking, or Using Drugs To Numb It

Heather Larson
2 min readApr 22, 2022

THIS was a sh*t day.

But I’m a sober AF honey badger 🦡 since 2013.

No Excuses For Giving Up Sobriety. Ever.

I’m not troubled by cravings and consider myself RECOVERED. I’m a former alcoholic.

My life is good and I stay sober not just from substances but I keep my behavior sober too. I stay prayed up, meditate, and do yoga.

Why get worked up over the crap I can’t change or control? That is stoicism.

Here’s All The Crap That Went Wrong, But My Attitude Didn’t Go With It:

  • No sleep; cat is an ass and had to be at the vet by 8am.
  • Said cat had surgery today to have his tooth removed. He’s fine. Vet rocks.
  • Car died at the vet’s office when I went to pick up this cat.
  • Called a friend (a military vet with tools) and we decided to get a U-Haul trailer.
  • Long story short, a side gig towing cars is NOT in my future and I will buy my happy little ass some AAA.
  • Almost got hit by a wrong-way driver.
  • Almost had to buy said trailer, but I’d insured it!
  • Almost got hit by an industrial truck.
  • The vet helped us jack up my damn brick of a car on the trailer. Don’t ask. Those were my friend’s driving skills. 😉
  • Ended up at my chiropractor’s office…who is, oddly enough, next door to AAA (Larson, you idiot, buy the F**cking towing).
  • Lots of apologies from my mechanic, who worked on my car twice last week.

It Could Have Been Worse In So Many Ways

The car didn’t die on the road. The other vehicles didn’t hit us. Everyone is in one piece.

I did my best.

Cats, cars, and humans break. Deal with it and move on.

I wasn’t going to give up shipping my 142nd day in a row either 🦡

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