How To Remove The 3 Biggest Blocks You Have Against Clearing Your Clutter

Here are 3 not-so-obvious blocks on the road to a cleaner, decluttered home:

  1. Sunken Costs: You don’t need to feel shame or guilt because you want to get rid of something you spent “so much” money on. Let it go.
  2. Someday isn’t coming: How much of your closet space is dedicated to that “someday” pile? Someday isn’t coming, honey. Let it all go and start living in the now.
  3. Attachment: We can come up with an emotional attachment to objects or souvenirs just because…it was a gift, or reminds us of better times. This is OK!
  4. But when it’s because Aunt Edna bought it for you 12 Christmases ago and you feel terrible to donate it…that’s not Ok. Who determines how you live? Aunt Edna from 2010? Or you, today?



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Heather Larson

Heather Larson

Hi 👋 I’m Heather Larson! I’m data-driven content writer coming from traditional media. I’m a veteran broadcaster, radio personality, and journalist.