If You Want to Grow as a Writer, Don’t Become a Journalist — You’re Better Off Learning Digital Writing Best Practices & a New Model For Success

Heather Larson
2 min readFeb 18, 2022


The number one reason journalists don’t grow as writers?

They don’t have to.

They are told what to write and how. Then, they publish to their outlet’s website, which has a built-in following. So they don’t have to work for an audience share.

I Know This Because I Was One; I Didn’t Have to Earn My Page Views!

This goes for anyone blessed to write for a large online outlet with built-in page views and a corporate staff that guides editorial decisions based on “we’ve always done it this way,” a.k.a. tradition.

If this is you, you are missing out on the challenges and rewards of true data-driven writing.

I bet you’re in a rut of writing things your readers don’t want without even knowing it. That’s because you’re taking no risks!

Corporate Won’t Allow That!

This is why you progress best by writing for yourself, sticking your own neck out, and experimenting with content.

Some journalists have broken from the pack and become successful at this, like Judd Legum with Popular Information on Substack. He does real work people care about, so they pay him for it.

It’s simple.

This is Called Value for Value, or #V4V in the Bitcoin Lightning Community

It takes ads out of the equation and rids the Internet of boring stories no one wants.

The creme rises to the top.

V4V Forces Writers to Forego Bad Habits Like:

  • Two large graphs of boring context that start with “because of Covid” and end with…nothing special. It’s several graphs in before you get to the payoff that made you click in the first place.
  • Long, wordy paragraphs that waste readers’ time.
  • Burying information beneath all of the above.
  • Headlines that may be properly journalistic, but aren’t tailored to modern digital audiences.

Ready for a better way?

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