Is Your Life Unspeakably Hard Right Now? GOOD.

Heather Larson
2 min readMay 3, 2022

Tough shit, right?

But here’s why extreme difficulties are a good thing.

If you’re smart enough, you can turn this crap you’re going through into a win. I know because I have done it again and again for more than a year (or several years to be honest).

The Needles Are Falling Off The Christmas Tree Right About Now

I know it’s May, but this is what it feels like for me.

I remember interviewing a film director as a baby journalist and he introduced the concept of his deep/sad film to me like this.

“It feels like that moment when Christmas is over, January is beginning, and the needles are falling off the Christmas tree.”

You know that time when it feels like hope seems lost and the prospect of a year ahead is exhausting? Sounds rough, doesn’t it?

Friday’s Tornado Is Still Sinking In For Many Of Us In Kansas

We all know someone who knows someone who lost their house Friday night.

A couple friends have confided that they are taking stock. One is volunteering; I think it gives them a sense of control in a time of helplessness. We have more severe weather ahead this week.

The prospect of it seems exhausting.

These Hard Times Don’t Have To Define Us

I think these things force us to wake up.

Find purpose. Create change. Take a look at the life you live and FIX WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE.

Because Lord knows, that next tornado to touch down can take my home or yours. We are not different.

Once you know the needles are falling off the tree for you? That’s a powerful place! That’s called a beginning…

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