Made It To 100 Followers! Here’s how I did it.

Heather Larson
4 min readDec 23, 2021

The key word on Medium, I find, is participation! How much are you putting into this? Are you in it for yourself or for the community of writers?

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Hey, Look, Ma! I Made It To 100 Followers!

By now, you’ve probably read a few articles about getting your first 100 followers on Medium. You probably followed the advice in many of those articles, too. So did I.

I didn’t try to get 100 followers in 24 hours

Good God, why torture yourself? I know, at first it’s like a drug. It’s very gratifying to log into your account and see 10 people followed you while you were away. I decided there was no reason to rush it. Reaching my first 100 followers took about a week. I wasn’t really counting. I started on Medium this spring and published two articles, but I wasn’t serious.

Are you serious about Medium?

I got serious about Medium this month because I started an online content writing experiment for 90 days that I am calling the #ContentStorm. I write and publish online every single day for 90 days, December 2021-February 2022. I want to see what content gains traction (I have a few different verticals) and if storming the Internet with content helps grow my audience.

This means I’m serious about Medium.

If you’re serious, don’t just come in here and spam everyone with formulaic comments.

I tried that on day one because someone said you should. Whatever. People don’t like that in real life, why would they like that here? Be kind and considerate. Clap for people like you mean it. If you give less than a dozen claps for a comment and fewer than 50 claps for a whole story, why are you even here? Comment on stories like you actually read them! You do read them, don’t you?

About those comments

Mentioning someone by name in the comments of their story is easy. It’s not going the extra mile. But giving a thoughtful comment is golden. Show me you read the article. Show me it inspired you. Show me that you disagreed with me. Answer any questions I post in the article…

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