Not Everyone *Should* Meditate — Here Are Reasons Not To

  • People with severe past trauma.
  • People who are severely persistently mentally ill (SPMI).
  • Those who use meditation as a substitute for other tools that would be more effective for their specific situation.

If you have PTSD and past trauma, be careful with meditation

If you are still learning to deal with your PTSD, talk with your therapist before trying to start a meditation practice.

People who are severely mentally ill are unlikely to benefit from meditation

However, the branch of meditation known as mindfulness can be helpful when approached properly, according to this research.

Meditation is a tool not to be abused

While meditation is an excellent tool with many benefits, it’s not right for all problems at all times.



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Heather Larson

Heather Larson

Hi 👋 I’m Heather Larson! I’m data-driven content writer coming from traditional media. I’m a veteran broadcaster, radio personality, and journalist.