PTSD Triggers Don’t Have To Be Forever: Take Two Minutes to Read This Message of Hope

Heather Larson
2 min readJan 6, 2023


In my early late teens and early 20s, I had two main PTSD triggers:

  1. Schizophrenic behavior
  2. Witnessing someone have seizures

Of course, there were more. But I haven’t had a PTSD flashback in years.

By My mid-30s, I Had “Solved” These Two Triggers

At two years sober, I was able to take a job at a social detox that was housed in a community crisis center.

Guess what I saw almost every single day there?

There were alcoholics having seizures during detox and/or someone having a schizophrenic episode.

Here’s What Worked for Me

I hated having PTSD flashbacks; they were crippling and exhausting. I once hyperventilated while seeing a movie where a main character had a seizure.

Do you know how people use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 anxiety technique?

That’s not for me. First of all, who can remember all that stuff?

The only thing that ever brought me back to the present moment was repeating the current date while holding (and drinking) a glass of ice-cold water. This grounded me.

Of Course, It’s Not That Easy

There were also years of talk therapy along with sobriety and subsequent recovery programs. The work I did took most of the past 20 years.

But here’s the hope part.

I got better. I found the tools that worked for me. I know you can find the tools that work for you. There are more tools now than when I started on my journey to find healing. Don’t give up. Healing takes time and effort. You’re worth it.

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