Punch Up Your Writing Today With 3 Easy Things

Heather Larson
2 min readMay 4, 2022


I write B2B social media content during much of my days.

This means I do a LOT of reading of content that other people wrote so I can glean some little shareable nugget from it! Here are three things I see most often that I HATE.

I yell at the computer screen when I see these. Best thing is? It doesn’t have to be this way!

Stop With The Run-On Sentences!

Your 5th grade teacher tried to break you of this!

Why are you still writing a run-on sentence that is so long and unreadable that not even your mother, sister, or cousin would read it even if they were on a plane or even if that plane were stuck on a runway with 12 hours making them desperate to read something — anything!

See what I did there? Unreadable. The Hemingway App fixes this! It’s free online or you can pay $20 to download the app in Gumroad.

Your Context Is Too Long & Boring

Readers click away if you don’t get to your point fast enough in blogs/articles.

I am one of many who WILL NOT read through 5 paragraphs of context to get to the meat of what I clicked to read! If I needed that much context, I wouldn’t have clicked to read it in the first place.

If you also make the reader battle through pop-ups, ads, videos, and other crap, they’re going to bounce.

Blocks. Of. Text. Must. Go.

This is true of Tweets, Twitter threads, Medium, or anything we read online.

Please don’t make a Twitter thread that is one paragraph per tweet. It hurts our eyes. Not to say I haven’t seen someone be successful with that!

They just offered valuable info & got away with it!

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