Reiki & Boundaries: The first Reiki boundary is Consent, Or Why You Need To Stop Calling Yourself “An Empath”

In Reiki, Boundaries Are Built In

Heather Larson
2 min readSep 29, 2022


Nine years ago, Reiki taught me something I’d been trying to learn through therapy — boundaries.

So many people are drawn to this energetic art who have boundary issues. Have you ever noticed everyone in the metaphysical space is “an empath!”

Empath = poor boundaries and I will die on this hill.

Declaring yourself “an empath” doesn’t make you unique & special. It means you lack boundaries.

It’s a fancy and more socially-acceptable way of saying, “I don’t know where I end and others begin.” I want to discourage you from identifying yourself as “an empath,” as it’s not healthy or helpful in any way.

Reiki is fantastic for all because it designates boundaries. It demands them.

This Isn’t To Say “Don’t Have Empathy”

Empathy is a wonderful thing.

Practicing empathy with others is a skill. But taking on others’ emotions and thoughts because “you’re an empath?” Sounds self-destructive. Don’t you have enough emotions and thoughts of your own?

Contain yourself and don’t leech onto others.

Think About This Critically

  • What do you get out of calling yourself “an empath”
  • Is this a constructive belief?
  • Are you using Reiki as a means to overstep?
  • Are you claiming “special powers” you don’t have because you’re “an empath?”

You can learn boundaries; I used to call myself “an empath” at one time, too. As a former “empath,” I now seek to be asked/given consent when working with Reiki.

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