So you want to meditate? Just start with 3 deep breaths

Heather Larson
Jan 23, 2023


You don’t need to sit cross-legged on a fancy cushion, chanting, and pinging a singing bowl while meditating for an hour.

If you’re just starting out meditating, keep it simple

Start today. Start now.

Here are the steps

  1. Take a seat. Any seat; I don’t care if you’re in a chair or even laying in bed.
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Go within; what do you feel? What do you hear? Take a few seconds to center.
  4. Take one deep, long, slow breath in through your nose.
  5. Give one deep, long, slow exhale out through your mouth.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 two more times.
  7. Go within again. How do you feel now? Are you done, or do you want to keep going?

The choice is yours.

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