The 3rd Reiki Boundary You Need as a Practitioner or Recipient is Confidentiality

Many Still Believe Reiki Is “Wackadoo”

Heather Larson
2 min readOct 1, 2022

When people come to me for Reiki, they come from all walks of life.

The one thing they all had in common? They don’t want me to tell the world they were seeing me for Reiki sessions.

For some, there is a reputation to lose if certain people find out they are doing this “hippy woo woo” thing called Reiki. It may be in conflict with their religious denomination or career.

(Reiki doesn’t compete with religion, but I get it).

Why I Don’t Blab About Client Experiences

One client may have a profound existential experience — a catharsis, even!

The next may just fall asleep on the table and have a good nap.

  • BOTH those experiences are valid and appropriate.
  • BOTH experiences count and are important!

Part of the reason I don’t talk about what happens in my sessions is people are competitive. They feel inadequate and blame themselves if they don’t have the postcard-perfect Reiki experience.

It becomes, “Why didn’t that wow-pop-boom-bang happen for ME?”

Comparison is the Enemy of Many Things: Peace, Reiki, Living a Happy Life…

Comparison takes clients out of gratitude for what they DID experience.

Gratitude is one of the five Reiki precepts. We must practice it instead of comparison.

If you’re my client and you had the wow-pop-boom-bang experience on the table and want to tell everyone about it, go ahead. It’s YOURS to tell. Feel free to leave a testimonial anytime. 😉

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