The 4th Reiki Boundary is Proper Disclosure

Heather Larson
2 min readOct 6, 2022

While I’m happy to share about myself and my experiences, I don’t want to do it to a client’s detriment.

The 4th Reiki Boundary is Proper Disclosure

I never want you to hear me talk about Reiki while thinking silently, “I wish I could experience that,” or, “That’s just not possible…”

Experiences vary. We’re not all here to have the same ones at the same time.

A big issue in improper disclosure is the core of my relationships with clients. Clients are clients, not friends. I’m a Reiki Master; I’m there to facilitate and promote the clients’ healing — not get invited to Thanksgiving.

The term “Master” in Reiki does NOT mean I’m “Master over” a client. It means I have “Mastered” Reiki at the highest level and have the capacity to teach and attune others to Reiki Energy.

There’s a Balance-of-Power Issue in Reiki

If you’re channeling Reiki to someone, they are trusting you with promoting their healing.

Notice I never say a Reiki practitioner or Master is a “healer.”

The experience should always center on the person receiving the Reiki, not the person providing/channeling it.

The Message of Reiki is Always Empowerment

Always ask yourself if the thing you’re about to share will be useful:

  • What purpose does it serve?
  • Do they already know this?
  • Is the person ready and able to receive this info?

Nothing is worse than sharing something with someone who isn’t ready or willing to hear it.

Ask Yourself What Your Purpose is in Sharing

Check YOUR motivations:

  • Are you sharing to feel dominant?
  • Are you showing off?
  • Are you sharing to make yourself feel better or “above” in any way?
  • Are you sharing because you need to share — but you’re just sharing with the wrong person? Your client isn’t your therapist.

The message should always be Reiki.

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