The A-ha Moment That Helped Me Pivot To Remote Work

Heather Larson
2 min readFeb 8, 2023


There I was, two years ago — sick as hell and knowing I couldn’t go back to a stressful full-time (and then some) job outside the home.

Side note: Who wants a job when you can have a career?

But that’s not the A-ha moment.

I’d been a writer for 20 years; I didn’t need to “go to a place” in order to do that work. So what gives?

No One Wants “Just” a Writer

This was the hard truth I accepted that rescued me from producing TV news. Even as a producer, I was more than just a writer. I was also an editor, circus master, reporter, interviewer, social media writer, and so on.

When I did SEO writing, I was more than just a writer. I was also an SEO!

In radio, I was more than just a writer. I was a guest booker, marketer, promoter, audio editor, talent, producer, social media manager, speaker, and event marketer…

If You Want a Writing Job, Market Yourself as More Than Just a Writer

What kind of writer are you?

Are you a tech writer, marketing writer, or — like me — a journalist turned marketing writer? More specifically, I became a writer of B2B social media writer for tech startups.

🚨 Spoiler alert: Being a writer doesn’t pay. Being an idealistic journalist doesn’t pay.

But when I defined what kind of writer I was and used 20+ years of career experience to back it up, that became the first step to becoming a freelance remote worker who has more control over my life.

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