The Drawbacks of Writing Consistently

Heather Larson
2 min readMay 10, 2022

Now that I’ve written consistently online daily for 160 days, a process known as “shipping,” I can admit to some drawbacks.

Let’s talk about how this process can harm your writing habit!

Obviously, I’m very focused on this idea 💡 of writing daily no matter what.

You’re probably thinking, “She writes daily even though this means quantity over quality?” Yes, you’re correct. Sometimes I truly am just writing to write!

The thought process there becomes about missing 100% of the shots you don’t take, as Wayne Gretzky said.

Miss A Day, Miss A Data Point!

How can I engage in data-driven content writing if I miss shipping a data point one day?

Does this reduce my writing to only data points? Probably not. Because on some of those days I shipped “quantity over quality,” you actually seemed to like what I wrote.

Why is that?

You Like Vulnerability And The Data Shows It

Any time I’ve written something personal or showing my vulnerability, you’ve shown me that you’ve really liked it!

It’s good to be liked, but my goal is more to offer something that helps you.

When my life became chaotic due to things outside my control in the past month, I continued shipping daily. I shared about some of the chaos.

This Wasn’t My Plan, But It Did Well!

The past month has gotten me off my planned content track.

I think that has hurt my content focus in a way, but I have still shipped daily. Now that things are settling down, I can refocus on all my planned content while taking into account what did well lately.

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