The Second Reiki Boundary You Need To Learn as a Practitioner is Respect

The problem in the healing arts is many Reiki practitioners aren’t using the boundary of respect.

An example:

You have a dark energy. Or, “You have an entity attached to you.”

Basically, their point is to tell you that you are at a disadvantage they are special enough to see (while no one else is).

Selling Snake Oil Is Disrespectful & Disempowering

But they’ve forgotten to respect you. They’ve forgotten to respect Reiki.

This act of disrespect causes you harm; it undermines your own intuition. It’s dishonest. You didn’t ask for this. One of the central tenets of the art of Reiki is that it DOES NO HARM to the giver or receiver.

Reiki should always be something to empower you. It should never be used to exert power over you.

This means we don’t share the sacred symbols.

We also respect the art of Reiki when we don’t make promises for it that it cannot deliver. This is why I don’t promise “healing” or certain results.

Let’s not misrepresent Reiki by treating others like flawed items that need to be fixed.

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