There Are No Answers Tonight, Only Reactions

Heather Larson
1 min readMay 24, 2022


This isn’t the United States I grew up in. I don’t recognize it. Today, I:

  • Paid $4.46/gal for gas
  • My closest healthfood store is closing due to a lack of sales
  • Another 14 kids were shot dead at their school in Texas
  • There’s a baby formula shortage here in the USA; we had to get formula airlifted from overseas!

And here I am, catching myself reacting to it.

I’m reacting to it in my own way with my life experience of being a responsible gun enthusiast since I was a kid… And from the experience of working in the addiction field and seeing lives shattered by all the wrong things. I’ve seen life go sideways more than not.

I have nothing to call for. I have nothing to protest. I’m tired.

I don’t want to react; I prefer to respond, but I have no response.

It feels gross to try and have a response.

I’m Generation X — we were the last to grow up without all this madness.

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