There Should Be An App For Neighbors to Organize a Grassroots Fight Against a Landlord

I’m not talking about Nextdoor. That’s neighborhood gossip; this would be for exchanging information to affect change.

Hear me out. But also let me know if this exists already.

Example: Your HVAC Doesn’t Work Reliably

  • Screenshots & video of the problem
  • Exchange info about what different tenants are experiencing; facts only
  • Be able to share this information with a lawyer who acts as a watchdog

The tenants would then be able to share in the cost of the legal fees.

Because One Tenant is Nothing; ALL Tenants Working Together Are Powerful

But when a group of tenants at a property communicate together for basic rights — like safety or to have heating & cooling systems working properly — with the help of a lawyer, progress can happen.

It’s a lot of work to do this 1:1 with neighbors individually.

This Can Also Provide a Way To Find Out Who Had Their Rent Raised and Who Didn’t

Better yet, maybe you have the laywer write a response informed by local laws.

This would be especially helpful in places like Kansas or Arkansas where tenants have few rights.

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