We Need To Create a Bitcoin-Specific HARO. Here’s Why

Heather Larson
2 min readApr 11, 2022

Notice I said “we,” so I’m addressing the entire Bitcoin community here.

I think we can all agree current media coverage is horrifying. We spend a lot of time railing against MSM, which is well-deserved. But that’s going to do nothing for Bitcoin — or those who stand to benefit the most from it.

Just today, I heard someone claim a 💩 coin is better for the environment than Bitcoin. They literally said, “proof of stake is better for the environment.” 🤯

Just today, I saw some ridiculous coverage by CBS’ “60 minutes” that said Bitcoin, “runs on infrastructure known as rails.”

Ok, maxis got a good laugh out of that last one. But it doesn’t help the greater good.

We Need To Start & Run Our Own HARO

There once was a time when HARO was a little more open.

Now it’s owned by a big company, Cision, that turned it into more of a press release mill. What I think we need is the original idea — a way to simply Help A Reporter Out, or HARO for short. Because they need help and Bitcoin deserves a fair shake in the media.

If the media wants to be biased, that’s their problem. But Bitcoin shouldn’t be having bad coverage due to ignorance.

I’ve got more people asking me about Bitcoin and how to get started — yet “the media” can’t cover this topic with any integrity. I say this as a former broadcast journalist!

This is cheating those who really need it like the unbanked, those being hit hard by inflation, and those whose banks won’t let them spend their own money.

With Jack Mallers’ Announcement Last Week, People Don’t Have To Put Up With Any of That Anymore!

You guys, people are about to figure this out.

Are we going to let the media keep bastardizing this?

Or do we start creating a “Bitcoin for Dummies” / HARO for reporters? Part database, part living network — I see this as an open-source project we nerds can steward.

Ideas? Want to help? HMU!

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