Weekly Writing Jolt from Heather Larson (She/Her) 🇸🇻 — Issue #8

Heather Larson
4 min readDec 27, 2021

I’ve been learning some things about Medium. For example, you need 100 followers there to get into the Medium Partner Program (MPP). Also, the MPP helps you earn more money. So you really do “need” 100 followers!

This is actually a fun initiation into Medium. I hit my 100th follower last week.

I’m also learning some things about TikTok, but that will be for another newsletter. 😉

So far, it’s only 27 days into my #ContentStorm, and I’m finding Medium to be addicting. It’s fun to get on there and interact with other writers. Everyone is passionate about writing and Medium. This makes it one of the more rewarding social networks out there right now.

In case you’re a new subscriber, I’ve included some of my latest articles below. This includes an explanation of what my Content Storm is. But basically, I’m writing every single day online until March 1, 2022 with only one objective: consistency.

People preach consistency, but will it help me build an audience as a writer? I’m writing daily to find out!

Have a safe and happy new year!


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