Why is it so hard to implement what works?

Heather Larson
2 min readAug 15, 2022


Why is it so hard to implement what works?

Asking for a friend… 😉

Seriously, let’s unpack this.

It was the 90s.

In my newfound freedom of working, earning money, and having a car, I made a discovery.

It was a yoga book I found for $5 at Barnes & Noble.

I fell in love with yoga 🧘‍♀️

Today is a few decades away from then…

I am just ✨now✨ implementing that daily yoga and meditation practice.

Yes, after decades of screwing around.

We know practices of yoga & meditation work, so why do we get pulled into every other direction?

For me, it was:

• Drugs/alcohol

• A toxic career field

• The general dysfunction that comes from the above two…

I often wonder what life may have been like if I’d begun these practices in the 90s rather than 2022…

(And only now because I’ve taken a deep swan dive into them due to teacher training).

But this is the entire point of yoga (and meditation).

The yoga sutras tell us yoga’s goal is to stop the modifications of the mind.

Another way to put that: to bring us to inner peace.

Same meaning, said different ways.

This wasn’t explained to me in the 90s; I thought “yoga” was “doing poses on a mat.”

So I’m telling you now:

Yoga is a practice that can lead to inner peace…once you engage in the full system of it.

That system involves an entire path…

Yoga offers an entire teaching tradition of problem-solving techniques.

It solves the same problem we all have each and every day in the world:

Our disconnection to our inner peace ☮️

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