Year-End Questions to Ask Yourself as a Content Creator

Heather Larson
1 min readDec 21, 2022


If you’re like me, you produced a ton of content this year and it’s time to reflect.

But let’s go beyond asking ourselves about what went well according to what analytics say. Let’s ask deeper questions.

How Did Your Content Change or Grow?

Did you put yourself out there more? Did your ideas change? Or did you hold back? If your content reached a new audience, why?

Would An Outsider See Your Message Clearly?

If a stranger looked at all you produced this year, what would it tell them? Would there be a clear, cohesive story?

More importantly, is your message landing with your ideal audience?

What is Your Passion Level?

When you’re creating your content, how passionate do you feel about it? How much fun are you having? Are you creating for outside validation or for your own fulfillment?

What will you do differently?

What do you find interesting as your journey continues? Will you try a new platform or medium? What will you stop doing?

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